The ideal solution for cable operators

FMplus is a patent-pending system developed in Switzerland that allows cable operators to introduce fast internet, but at the same time does not require that FM (via cable connection) be switched off. If cable operators today want to introduce DOCSIS 3.1, they must switch off FM... but wait, not with FMplus! FMplus allows both technologies to operate in parallel.

What are the advantages of FMplus?

  • Customers can continue to use their FM receivers. Frequencies remain the same.
  • The audio quality is not affected. Same stereo quality as normal FM.
  • Parallel operation with existing FM oworks without any problems.
  • The transition phase can take place without time and technical restrictions.
  • Unused FM frequencies can be partially used with FMplus for additional radio programs.
  • No risk of incorrect operation. That relieves your customer service.
  • No start-up time. In operation immediately after the power supply (USB) has been set up
  • No cyber risk, no software update needed, no hanging or system instability.
  • Radio reception without delay, also RDS works as before.

What changes with the introduction of FMplus?

FMplus can be transmitted parallel to today's FM range on your cable network. This gives you and your customers plenty of time to transition. The risk of losing customers is massively reduced.


We are happy to advise you on different solutions and transition scenarios.